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Choose aligners designed by your orthodontist.  Orthodontists spend years in post-doctoral residency programs and understand the biomechanics of tooth movement to give you the perfect smile. 

Get Straighter Teeth with OLign Clear Aligners

Just as a sculptor meticulously molds clay into a pristine form, clear aligners work with precision to gradually shift your teeth into their ideal positions. Behind the scenes, there’s an intricate process of planning and customization that ensures each progressive aligner brings you one step closer to that harmonious smile, much like a painter perfecting a masterpiece stroke by stroke.

Clear Aligners Explained

Our OLign clear aligners are transparent, plastic orthodontic devices, custom-fitted to the contours of your teeth. They serve as an aesthetically pleasing alternative to traditional metal braces, utilizing a series of these aligners to apply controlled forces to teeth, thereby adjusting their position over time. Designed to be both removable and discreet, clear aligners enable you to carry out dental correction without compromising on comfort or appearance.
The technology behind clear aligners is grounded in precise 3D imaging and modeling. Each set is engineered to exert gentle yet effective pressure, targeting specific teeth and guiding them towards the desired alignment. This approach promotes an efficient alignment process, all while maintaining the utmost discretion for the individual.

The Technology Behind Aligners

OLign clear aligners utilize cutting-edge 3D imaging to tailor a treatment uniquely suited to an individual’s dental anatomy, producing aligners that are virtually invisible. Finite element method (FEM) analysis predicts the movement of teeth, enhancing the precision of each stage.

By creating a digital blueprint of the teeth using advanced software, clear aligners exert controlled forces on specific teeth, providing a customized path to straighter teeth. This teledentistry-capable process allows for remote monitoring and adjustments, reducing the need for frequent clinic visits.

Invisible orthodontics revolutionizes dental realignment through discretely designed, custom-fit devices.

Through successive modifications in each aligner, an effective and incremental repositioning is accomplished. The use of medical-grade thermoplastic material, like SmartTrack®, ensures comfort, better fit, and more predictable tooth movements compared to traditional methods. This meticulous application of biomechanical principles facilitates a seamless journey to dental perfection.

Comparing OLign Aligners to Traditional Braces


Clear aligners offer a discreet alternative to traditional braces, favoring aesthetics and comfort during orthodontic treatment.

Traditional braces, typically made of metal or ceramic, are more noticeable than clear aligners.

Aligners boast a removable design that facilitates better oral hygiene and unrestricted dietary choices, unlike fixed braces that can complicate both.

Clear aligners, leveraging state-of-the-art technology, offer a finely-tuned, gradual shift in tooth alignment, minimizing discomfort often associated with the adjustments of conventional braces. In contrast to braces, aligners can be removed for eating and cleaning and do not require frequent in-office adjustments, making them a conducive choice for the fast-paced lifestyle of professionals.

Benefits of Choosing OLign Clear Aligners

Clear aligners provide an inconspicuous solution to orthodontic corrections, blending seamlessly with the natural appearance of your teeth. They offer a versatility in maintenance and a reduced impact on daily activities, eliminating the dietary restrictions and hygiene concerns commonly associated with traditional braces. Furthermore, their custom-fit design ensures optimal comfort and effectiveness in repositioning misaligned teeth.

Beyond the aesthetic advantage, clear aligners are synonymous with convenience and efficiency. They are tailored to apply precise forces to teeth, promoting a more controlled and often swifter alignment process. The option to remove the aligners for special occasions offers unparalleled flexibility to maintain personal and professional interactions with confidence.

Aesthetics and Comfort

In the realm of orthodontic treatment, aesthetic appeal is paramount. Clear aligners offer an elusive blend of invisibility and efficacy, their transparent nature conforming to the teeth’s contour with impressive precision. Significantly, they dispense with the obtrusive look of traditional metal braces, enabling users to smile with unencumbered confidence. The aligners serve not only to straighten teeth but also to bolster the individual’s self-assurance.

Our OLign clear aligners are the epitome of discretion and ease. They are meticulously crafted from smooth, high-grade thermoplastic material, which minimizes irritation and provides a snug, unobtrusive fit against the teeth and gums. Such precision reduces the discomfort typically associated with orthodontic appliances, allowing for an adjustment period that is both mild and brief.

The steady evolution of clear aligner systems has yielded an array of functionality enhancements without compromising their signature discreet appearance. Current iterations, reflecting state-of-the-art design and material innovations, offer an even more effective and comfortable treatment experience. These developments hold true to the promise of an aesthetically pleasing corrective journey that does not infringe upon the user’s lifestyle.

Oral Hygiene Simplified

Maintaining oral hygiene is effortless with clear aligners due to their removable nature.

Clear aligners facilitate uncompromised dental cleanliness alongside their orthodontic benefits.

Adherence to a consistent oral hygiene regimen ensures your path to straighter teeth is both effective and hygienic.

The Journey to Straighter Teeth

Embarking on the path to straighter teeth with OLign clear aligners constitutes a commitment to a gradual transformation, one that demands patience and adherence to protocol from the user. These transparent, removable devices are expertly calibrated to apply gentle pressure on the teeth, coaxing them into alignment with precision. This process, while sophisticated, requires consistent wear for the majority of the day, with diligence in following the treatment plan set forth by one's orthodontic professional.

To those who accept this nuanced approach to realigning their dentition, our clear aligners offer a "silent partner" in the quest for an improved smile. By design, they are unobtrusive—an ally worn but often unnoticed—that operate within the constraints of one's daily life, discreetly effectuating change. Over time, as teeth shift and conform to the molds, the patient's dedication to their aligners is rewarded with incremental improvements, eventually culminating in a smile that resonates with confidence and health.

Initial Consultation and Plan

During this initial meeting, a thorough oral examination is conducted. The orthodontist will assess your dental structure using diagnostic tools such as digital scans, panoramic X-rays, and photographs to determine the feasibility and requisite protocols for clear aligner therapy. Subsequently, a dialogue ensues to establish the aspirations and expectations of the treatment and to ascertain pre-existing conditions that could influence the trajectory of the aligners’ efficacy.
Precision guides the creation of your personalized treatment plan – a roadmap delineating each phase. This adopts a holistic approach, accounting for both dental alignment and occlusal harmony, ensuring a streamlined trajectory towards the desired orthodontic outcome. Sequences of aligners are custom-fabricated to progress through each stage of adjustment, aligning both teeth and patient expectations with clinical precision.
Dr. Orsborn will provide a detailed overview, elucidating the mechanics of the aligners, anticipated timelines, and the importance of compliance to achieve optimal results. Moreover, they will clarify maintenance protocols and lifestyle adaptions requisite during the course of treatment, empowering patients with the knowledge necessary for a successful journey towards straighter teeth.

OLign Aligners' Maintenance and Care

To help you make an informed decision about OLigners, we've compiled a list of maintenance tips.

1. Keep aligners pristine for optimal performance.
A disciplined routine ensures clear aligners' longevity. When removed, they must be cleaned immediately to prevent the accumulation of plaque and bacteria, which can lead to unsightly discoloration and odors. Regular cleaning involves gentle brushing with a soft-bristle toothbrush and rinsing under lukewarm water—avoid hot temperatures that can warp the material.
2. Do not neglect aligner hygiene and storage.
Clean aligners are almost invisible on your teeth. They require conscientious care; keep them in a protective case when not in use to forestall potential damage or contamination. Ensuring the aligners remain hygienic and undamaged is paramount to maintaining their clarity and effectiveness throughout treatment.
3. Handle aligners with meticulous care.
When inserting or removing aligners, do so with caution - avoid unnecessary force that might crack or damage them. For thorough cleaning, consider using cleaning crystals specifically designed for aligners, as these aid in removing plaque and keeping the aligners clear.
4. Secure aligners' longevity with consistent care.
Adhere strictly to prescribed hygiene protocols to preserve your aligners' integrity. Cleaning should be integrated into your daily routine; ideally, aligners should be rinsed every time they are removed and brushed gently at least once a day. Remember that these practices are not solely for aesthetics but also to prevent oral health issues that could hinder your treatment.
5. Expert maintenance is crucial for results.
Proper care of clear aligners is fundamental to achieving orthodontic goals. Consult your orthodontic specialist regularly and follow their guidelines meticulously. As of the knowledge cutoff in 2023, evidence strongly suggests that patients who diligently adhere to care instructions experience more effective and predictable outcomes in their quest for straighter teeth.

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What to Expect Post-Treatment

Upon completing your journey with clear aligners, anticipate a transition phase where your teeth stabilize in their new alignment. It is common to be fitted with a retainer, which must be worn as directed to maintain the orthodontic results achieved. Initial mild discomfort is normal, as your teeth and oral tissues adjust. Stay in communication with your orthodontic specialist for guidance on long-term retention strategies to ensure your smile remains straight and your bite functional. Regular check-ups will be paramount to monitor stability and address any minor shifts promptly, safeguarding your investment in a healthier, aligned smile.

Wearing Retainers

Post-treatment routines are pivotal in ensuring that the results of orthodontic interventions endure over time. Consequently, wearing retainers is an indispensable facet of the post-clear aligner protocol.

Following the removal of clear aligners, a meticulous retention phase commences, typically involving the use of retainers. These appliances are paramount in preventing relapse and are tailored to maintain the teeth in their corrected positions.

Retainers are fabricated with precision and must be worn as prescribed by your orthodontic specialist to mitigate the potential of orthodontic regression. This phase is as crucial as the active treatment period, requiring a commitment to prescribed wear schedules.

Over time, the duration for which retainers must be worn may be adjusted by your specialist, based on the stability of your teeth alignment. This adaptative approach ensures that retention fits seamlessly into your lifestyle, preserving orthodontic achievements.

Ultimately, the conscientious adherence to wearing your retainers as directed cannot be overstated. It is your ongoing contribution to the longevity of a straighter and healthier smile.

Long-Term Oral Health Impact

Properly aligned teeth do not merely contribute to a more aesthetically pleasing smile; they play a crucial role in maintaining overall oral health.

Achieving dental alignment through clear aligners is a long-term investment in your oral health.

Regular dental check-ups and hygiene are essential for maintaining the health of your straightened teeth.

Impress upon yourself the significance of aligner treatment for not only cosmetic enhancement but as a preventive measure against dental complications.